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Monday, June 2, 2014

Review on Michael Truscello’s “Capitalism is the Crisis” (Documentary Film)

Possible reasons for documentation:
Capitalism crisis is not a new subject referring to the history of the world. The documentary entitled “Capitalism is the crisis: Radical politics in the Age of Austerity” directed by Michael Truscello basically deals with the revolution of socialist and anarchist against the capitalist government in various states. Capitalism and its ideologies is not an alien subject to the world, it has been always there and many experts believe that it functions through falling down. It is therefore important to note that whenever it fails it’s not the capitalist that are agonized but the ones who lie at the bottom of the food chain. The documentary clearly presents the implications of the capitalism on the middle class people and how most of the working population is affected by it. It is not a new thing to world, it was always there. It can be differentiated into four phases, first depression in the quarter of 19th century, second phase in 1930s, third one in the 1970s and the fourth is what is filmed by Michael Truscello. This type of crisis is inevitable and never ending process though it may change its form; it will prevail but keep on mutating as presented by experts in the film. The logical reasons behind this film can be related to any political subjects in modern democratic countries. When the financial corporates dominates every aspects of the nation, it leads to social and political unrest. This is what has happened in America, Spain, Canada, England and many western countries in the past few years. Capitalism always favors and prioritizes the richer ones. It is interesting to note that in most of the countries, financial corporation dominates all the other firms. Financial corporates will invest in the manufacturing organizations that are low wager and high profit ones so that they may never run in loss. For this reason they have full authority over any other firms, they can shut it down or revive it any time relying on the market value. If this is applied to a government as a whole, government in order to react to financial debts need to take some action and when it happens working people are affected. The austerity cut and the unemployment issues around the globe that disturbs the solidarity of the nation may be the key aspects of this film.  The government tries to feed on the common people by cutting off budgets from care services such as education and health; they increase taxes and interests on credit, decrease wages and sometimes many working people are left unemployed. This film on the other hand presents the realistic views of the capitalist government based on its applicability in the government of modern states. The events that followed past few years presents an insight about the abuse of freedom, the idea of resistance in the democratic country, abuse of power and influence, and the movements that took place for humanity across the globe.
Financial crisis in the past few years will go down in the history and will be always remembered by the people around the world. World economy is not only the urgency nor the military or defense of the country; there is more than all of this such as environmental issues which the world has forgotten to pay attention to. Michael Truscello give his audiences this comprehension of what the world has really become, what it is and what it will be in near future if we are not careful about it.

Interesting Facts about this Documentary:
The world that we live in right now has its own history be it politics, economics or the wars that is not unknown. After the post war nations were engaged in development, with development the world was introduced to new issue which is now known as “Capitalism Crisis.” Michael Truscello filmed based on one such issue, the capitalism crisis in 21st century.  First of all this is a documentary grounded on basic truths of capitalist nations. The elite nations such as U.S.A, Canada, England, Spain and other states are known for their dominance be it global economy or politics. The documentary reveals reality of these states with facts and figures. Best example could be the falling economy of U.S government and how they took measures by letting the working population pay for the government. There is no subject of amusement as such for it shows how people have suffered due to capitalism, but deep within there is certain messages to be put into consideration by the whole humanity. The positivity shown by the people to change the course of democratic society can be taken into account. Their hopes and aspirations from the government comes into reality, their voices does not go in vain. They succeed in convincing the state governments and democrats to change their perspective with a common thought for the common people and for common future.
Violence broke down between commoners and police forces, about one thousand one hundred of women, men, and teenagers were arrested in Canada and some even dead during the protest. Those people were deprived of their individual rights and no heed was given to them by the law enforcers. It is a shame in the name of humanitarian acts or perhaps the government of those states. It is good to know that some of the Union took initiative to help those victims of the revolution.
Some key aspect of this film can be about American government who spends most of the national revenue into military and defense. Whereas they spend very little amount on care services such as health, education, climate change which can save humanity. But for some countries they have already started investing in saving humanity rather than investing in defense. It is not definite to say that capitalism is not good, but question is about organizing society and its sustainability. It is about nothing like capitalism crisis ever happens again…         
Strong evidences that supports the arguments:
I feel most of the arguments were strong. This, I say so because; the arguments were very strong with their respective strong evidences as well. This video informs us about capitalism, and specifically on the US.
Well, to support my judgment upon saying the arguments are not weak, there are many evidences I draw from the video. As one of the interviewees in the chapter of capitalism say that they go to the same super market and places but still the richer ones don’t trust them nor talk them well. The images of the return of the great depression in which is entitled ‘Shanty towns’ is another evidence to support their argument. 2000 homeless in Sacramento and 300 living with more coming every day cannot be a weak argument when there are some among them who were used to with roofs above their heads instead of thick tents, also TV every morning for news when the other half of the country were enjoying luxury.
The images draw a lot of information. Of images like The financial crisis, Deutsche bank being accused of massive mortgage fraud, sued for $1 billion by US government, Bank boss Lee Farkas guilty of fraud, the housing crisis on Racial predatory loans fueling US, Paul Allen ex-mortgage CEO sentenced to prison for $3 billion fraud, and all as pointed by Professor Leo Panitch of the York university. Thankfully to people with low incomes, Obama promises to help and so does he against capitalism.
Some of the very strong evidences they have showed to support their arguments are the graphs and statistics. One of the very good evidences is Sheena, as broadcasted by one of the news channels, a student struggling with petty jobs and internships for survival. Not only that, she also works for her education like many other students. She says she earns a salary that feeds her a dinner or a two. And so like her many students struggle for the same reasons or more.
Professor Sedef Arat Koc, is another evidence who explains on this. She points out at some influences due to which she says that there isn’t any political space left for the people to criticize the existing order, to bring up issues of quality and justice, or to develop alternatives to the existing orders.
One of the evidences is the bringing about the ancient way of combating capitalism. Rallies and protests as broadcasted on clips of news channels are one way of arguing and the evidence as shown by the clips. This is how people march every corner, every street for the justice and rights and this isn’t weak. Canadian labor congress and green peace international lead the rights of the people and students against G20.
Breaking of cops cars and shops and robbery and vandalism are some evidences of the ways they argue but this indeed is a weak way. Yes these ways are weak to argue. This way they are instead harming the country as well as themselves. They are destructing each other when they get handcuffed, and beaten. Peace can be maintained and they could have made things better. Naomi Klein, author, tells us about the actions taken against peaceful protestors, like detentions, beating, denying medicines, refusal of sanitary pads in cells and more. What she says strongly gives us the evidences though that when peacefully protested, the protestors were ill-treated instead.
There are protests on austerity fighting back, in US, London, Greece, Wisconsin and many countries.
Human civilizations ‘will collapse’ unless greed culture is stopped, report warns!

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