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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Money & Happiness

Money is what money does. Richness does not always guarantee happiness. A country may be rich or poor, but that does not mean that a rich ones will be happier and those poorer will be less happy. A country will become rich, will have developments and economic prosperity but parallel to that developments, a certain issues will begin. If Bhutan gets richer, that richness will never assure the happiness of Bhutanese. United States is much richer than it was 50 years ago, but this has produced no measurable increase in overall happiness. Wealth provides luxuries and basic human desire which may stimulate a momentary happiness but it does not mean that happiness is ensured, certain factors must be considered when talk is about happiness such as close people around, values and culture, and pleasant experiences.

Money provides all the basic human desires and happiness, but for a short span of time. Happiness is having money when poor; it can give good and luxurious life. The effect of extra income on happiness is greatest in the poorest countries, where people are nearest to the breadline. Money is an important exchange for food, shelter and clothing. It can afford better health facilities, medicines when diseased and need a treatment. It is true that poor nations become happier as they become middle-class nations. But after the basic necessities have been achieved, income is only lightly connected to well-being. For instance if country becomes richer, it is sure that natives will have better income and living standards will improve. When living progress, better housing, fancier cars and extra money becomes the priority. The expectations will keep on changing and miss the enduring happiness. This shows that happiness provided by money is brief, as one gets richer happiness decline. Researchers have found that people living in richer areas are less happy than those living in less developed areas. Similarly, If you compare two people with the same income, one living in a richer area than other, the person in the richer area reports being less happy.

Happiness is not just determined by one factor but many others such as loving friends and relatives, and pleasant experience such as indulging in good activities. Doing things can bring us more joy than having things. Applying yourself to something hard makes you happy. We're addicted to challenges, and we're often far happier while working toward a goal than after we reach it. As the most significant sign of wealth, possessing a large sum of money has become a unique pursuit of many people, especially the younger generation of Bhutan. Youngsters are convinced that happiness can be bought by sufficient money. Happiness does not always increase in proportion to the amount of money. Focusing on the illusion that money brings happiness may have an unexpected adverse effect that may lead to a misallocation of time. Money would change the sense of well-being. One would probably be tempted to think about spending more time in leisurely pursuits such as playing a play station 3 (PS3) games or traveling abroad but in reality, one have to spend a large amount of time working and commuting less time engaged in experiencing happiness.

Kingdom of Bhutan originated from rich cultures, traditions and has its own history unlike any other western countries. If Bhutan grows to be rich happiness of the Bhutanese is not definite. People believe in joint family system, have faith in family values and keeping relationship. It is undeniable that money has a brief effect on life’s satisfaction, particularly money satisfies fundamental needs. People will be wealthy; will feel better than other peers. But such feeling lead to differentiation and loaded family members will be after richer friends which may have effect on the family unity. Therefore due to comparison within, relative becomes no greater than it was before; people quickly get used to all new stuff that money can buy and the demand for money rises along with the income. Consequently, the endless and vicious cycle in terms of physically and psychologically stress begins again. Researchers say that American millionaires living in huge, luxurious houses are barely happier than Masai warriors in Kenya who live in huts. People may have sufficient wealth, but never peace. More money can lead to more stress. The big salary you pull in from your high-paying job may not buy you much in the way of happiness.

Money does not always bring happiness, but it is not indicated that money cannot be the cause of happiness. Even if country gets more affluent than before, subject will begin regarding some other ideas. Happiness is like a pendulum -- some days you are happy, some days not, and there's not much you can do to change that. It is of great importance to deal with money more carefully and appropriately. As an alternative of lavishing money in an ostentatious way, one should be aware that it is romance, friendships, good health, family that truly bring us happiness.  
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