Media first year

Media first year
Faces of the beginner.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Way of Life

Suspicious mind perceives differently,
In order define the way of life.
Unconscious Juveniles are ignorant
Still cherishes their way of life!
Aged ones equipped to worldly wisdom.
Wrangles to simplify the enormity of existence!
Yet! Not a soul knows what exactly it is.
 Life has its own principles to be followed,
And its certain time limit.
Albeit it seems eternal way of living
  But Worries upon death alarm.
 Joy is an endless fortune in life
However sorrow ruins on other way.
Happiness an aspiration of every living being
And a boundless suffering that none aspires.
 But detachment govern every chapters of life
Alas! It’s the way of life.
 Every newfangled dawn and an old setting dusk,
Shortens one’s moment of life 
And every restless second proves,
The uncertainty way of life.

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