Media first year

Media first year
Faces of the beginner.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

In the East

I was fortunate to see sceneries with magical beauty.
A day journey instilled enormous pleasures in me,
Climbing uphill and downhill that whole day.
And occasionally looked through
Saw beauty in every sight.

The mountainous terrain and the
Flowery clouds appealed gorgeous.
The ravine with flowing river was beautiful.
And I saw beauty on reaching passes,
Embellished with stupas and gesticulating prayer flags.

An artifact huts and the well-designed bungalows,
And the fortress I saw were further more beautiful.
Taller trees and shorter bushes
And tiny shrubs were even beautiful.
Fairly limited Blossoms but beautiful they are.
The waterfall and the cliff beneath,
Seemed more scary but lies in it a beauty.

First time in the east I suppose,
But everything east seemed more welcoming.

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